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These projects focus on developing and increasing access to simple and practical technology for sustainable agriculture. In addition to this, Partnering With Abi seeks to empower under-resourced communities to use local means in meeting their nutritional and economic needs. 

Abi developed this framework during her time in Uganda and it was her dream to create a program which could serve the small farmers of both Uganda and Appalachia, addressing the need for affordable and efficient farm technology.  We would like to continue this vision by supporting the Northern Uganda Rural Agro-Technology Project and developing programs in Kentucky.

Our upcoming projects in the summer of 2013:


-Fundraising events for the Northern Uganda Rural Agro-Technology Project

-Generating support (financial and otherwise) for the Uganda Project through a cross-country bike tour.

-Developing knowledge of design, communication, and fabrication of Appropriate Technology through a Dedicated Project Visit at Open Source Ecology, one of the leading organizations devoted to open source, low-cost, high performance technological designs in the United States.


Farm Tool Fabrication Center

Gulu, Uganda

Partnering with Abi's first project is to help raise funds for the the Northern Uganda Community Foundation (NUCF). This foundation was developed by Dr. Tonny Kidega and inspired Abi Dietz while Abi was in Uganda in 2012.

The project consists of fabricating simple and inexpensive farm  tools that will help the local farmers of Northen Uganda to improve their farming practices---focusing on tools used for post-harvest and irrigation.

Dr. Tonny Kidega acquired 30 acres of land from The Gulu Uganda Country Dairy Project through Heifer International. On this land there is a place where Dr. Kidega and program leaders can make the tools and also demonstrate to Northern Ugandan small-scale farmers how these techniques work.

Farmers will be able to learn from this center and will apply their knowledge of how to use the tools.

These practices will have an  impact on the lives of the local farmers struggling, after a 20-years of civil war in the Northern Ugandan region.

The Gulu Farming Community

Support the Uganda project

We are currently fundraising for the Northern Uganda Farm Tool Fabrication Project. To learn more about the vision and the project click the link below.

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Our first project...

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