After experiencing the shortcomings of the established structures to support families and friends in the brain injury crisis with Abi, Georgina, Abi’s mother, found that the grass roots contacts and support she received was much more empowering.

After arriving back in the Philadelphia area Georgina has been connecting and collaborating with a close friend named Marianne Zgrablich, who had been a caregiver of a brain injured son for 18 years.

Georgina and Marianne have begun to develop a support system network with an emphasis on personal connection and the unique needs of each brain injury situation.

Brain Injury Support Projects

Partnering with Abi's brain injury support network is working on:

  • Developing a network of volunteers (those who have been there and done that) who will offer hope, support and connection to those going through a brain injury crisis and recovery
  • Organizing a volunteer program (of anyone willing to be an encouragement and resource to others) that will provide phone, e mail, or mail encouragement and support to brain injury survivors, family, and friends
  • Organizing a volunteer program in the Philadelphia area (and hopefully other areas in the future) of personal visits to brain injury survivors, family, and friends to assess current needs, link to resources, and be a support as they navigate the difficult and confusing recovery process associated with brain injuries.
  • Connecting survivors, family, and friends to on line resources through the Partnering with Abi web site
  • Finding ways to educate others on brain injury and how to relate to brain injury survivors

If you are a brain injury survivor, family member or friend of a brain injury survivor in need of support and connection … contact us.

If you would be interested in being a support and encouragement to any of the above by phone calls, e mails, sending cards, visiting hospitals and homes in the Philadelphia area, making up snack bags for delivery to hospitals, searching resources, or you have other ideas to help support these individuals, …contact us.

If you have been there and done that … and are willing to be a support person to someone who is currently in the midst of the crisis or recovery process… contact us.

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