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Feed a Brain Book Sponsorship

Partnering with Abi is excited to announce that we have awarded Cavin Balaster, author of "Feed a Brain" with one our annual mini-grants!

Partnering with Abi had 2 mini grants, provided by our donors, that we awarded to applicants this year. The intention of the grants are to continue Abi's vision and our mission to support projects that seek to nurture community growth by fostering development of knowledge, skills, and collaboration.

Cavin and his mother, Kris, were key supporters as friends and family navigated life after Abi's brain injury. He is the author of Feed a Brain, teaching methods of healthy living and diet within Brain Injury Survivors and even people outside of those communities.

We would like to see people who were in our position, be able to access this kind of knowledge and have chosen to sponsor books for those that may not have the resources to purchase on their own, or just may need a caring gift as they navigate the difficult stages throughout life post a traumatic brain injury.

Cavin has supported us, and we would like to see him support others.

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