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Celebrating the life of Abi

"I hope you are being blessed. I hope you can see yourself in a better way each and every day. I hope you wake up tomorrow with contentment and a smile."

-Abigail Dietz

August 23,1985 - May 20,2016



to everyone who made the

Berea Skill Share

April 8, 2017

such a success!

We were able to raise $430 of our $1000 goal!

Now we would love YOUR HELP

to raise the remainder for our next project in Uganda as well as our upcoming expenses while we become 501(c)3!










Donations are appreciated and will go to fund Partnering with Abi's support of students in Gulu University, Uganda. These student projects are appropriate technology solutions to improve the life of indigenous and refugee communities in their home villages.





The Vision:

All the work here today is dedicated to Abigail Dietz (August 23 1985-May 20, 2016), who was a student of technology and agriculture at Berea College, worked and studied abroad in Uganda, and inspired everyone she met to think, work, and live outside the box. Because of her influence, we, her loving friends and family, continue the spirit of her life by sharing skills that make life a little more flavorful, colorful, and fun.

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