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Starfire Event

April 26th & 29th, 2013

One of Partnering with Abi's co-founders, Hope Broecker, met with students at Starfire in Cincinnati, Ohio to share her story, talk about the upcoming bike tour supporting Partnering with Abi's Project, and Uganda, among a long list of subjects and personal stories; including what to expect for the basic woodworking class on Wednesday.

The class on April 29th will include: identifying wood types, sanding, and finishing, and assembling.

Hope learned basic woodworking while studying at Berea College and by working at the Kelly Mehler School of Woodworking, although she is no expert she is excited to share her skills to those that are interested at Starfire.

Her hope is that others can share in the joy she has found in the hobby of woodworking.

What is Starfire?

We invite everyone: people with disabilities, families, paid staff, and other citizens, to step into community with us and build more inclusive lives together.
“Networking isn’t a hypothetical exercise, a chart to fill out. It’s making living connections to places and associations and opportunities that will give a person a chance to participate and contribute.” – Beth Mount
We build stronger social networks from a capacity-based approach, together with families, staff, and people with the label of disability. We encourage creative imaginations and unique expressions from everyone, and strive to move away from the traditional roles of “consumer” and “client.”

What they believe:

When we are known by others for our strengths, and seen as a fellow citizen, friend, or member, we belong.
“A strong sense of belonging – really feeling that there is a place for us in our community – and a bond of trust with our neighbors have the greatest influence on how we rate the quality of our life.” – Vital Signs Report, Vancouver Foundation 2012
Studies have shown that the need to connect is part of what makes us human, and that loneliness can add to depression, stress, and apathy. Likewise, belonging adds to the overall health, safety, and happiness of people. When we are known by others for our strengths, and seen as a fellow citizen, friend, or member, we belong.

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