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For those that were close to Abi knew how much she loved her yurt. When she moved to Berea, Kentucky she was determined to live simply, have a quiet space of her own for reflection and most importantly a place to share and to create community. Abi enjoyed so many things about the the yurt, the process of learning how to construct it, to maintain it, to live off the grid, and to share with others.. 


To keep the yurt that Abi loved so dearly and the space that holds many memories for all of us, friends and family chose Homegrown Hideaways as a place to keep her yurt and to remember her and to celebrate her life. With Homegrown Hideaways being a conduit of art,crafts, skill sharing, collaboration, in a small rural community, it seemed appropriate that it should be on that land. We hope that others enjoy the space as much as Abi did in the same mountains that she lived and loved.


Weeks surrounding Abi's memorial serivce the yurt was revived. A foundation was a built, a new canvas transported, care and creativity was given, and many people close to her saw it come to life again.Her friends and family hope that others will be able to enjoy the yurt as much as Abi did. We appreciate all the hard work in giving it life. Thanks you Homegrown Hideaways and everyone who contributed in making this project happen. For more information about events at Homegrown or about staying in the yurt check out the links below.

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