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The cross country bike tour was an idea created after Abi's accident. My hope is that the bike tour will not only be time to share the vision of Abi, but will also be a journey of healing. 

Abi is a dear friend and sister of mine. We met in 2006 during our time in the AmeriCorps NCCC Program. In 2010 we reunited and became peers at Berea College and then family during our time living and going to school in Berea, Kentucky. Abi and I both studied Technology of Industrial Arts and were actively involved at the Non-Traditional Community at Berea College as well as the Berea College Farm. We traveled a lot together and often shared our visions for the future which were usually inter-connected.


Abi frequently discussed her plans for developing a non-profit before her accident and it is through this discussion that friends and family have been inspired to carry out her vision.







In May, 2013 I plan to bike coast to coast--starting in Philadephia and ending on the West Coast.  During the tour there will be events to raise support for Partnering with Abi. I also plan to visit with Abi's friends and family with the vision that they will join me on portions of the trip for healing, support, and inspiration.

I also hope to plan specific events with schools, universities, and organizations that would like to partner with us in hopes that we can raise more awareness and support for the Farm Tool Fabrication Center in Uganda as well as our other projects with Partnering with Abi.


Though Abi is not able to join me on this journey, I would like to incorporate her and her vision on this trip---it is a way to take her with me.  

Thanks for your support, Hope Broecker

Below is a link for freinds and family who would like to support me on this journey. Contributions will help off set food costs and the bike gear needed for the journey.


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