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Who are they?

Northern Uganda is recovering from a civil war that lasted 20 years.This region is fertile with numerous palatable grass for raising livestock. During dry seasons several livestock die due to lack of feed as the farmers lack the skill to preserve and store the grass for their livestock. The Gulu Uganda Dairy Farm's mission is to partner with smallholder dairy farmers to transform the dairy industry in Northern Uganda.

The Gulu Country Dairy project consists of a research farm and training center and is situated close to Unyama, off the Gulu-Kitgum road in Gulu. Modern farming practices are utilized with the planting of crops, storing of feed, caring and feeding of the dairy herd; and the results are paying off. The farm has been instrumental in getting other farmers interested and into dairy production.

This project is very dear to us as Abi met and worked with Dr. Tonny Kidega while she was in Uganda. She loved the work he did and how he was able to unite communities around sustainable agriculture and dairy production. It has been amazing to be able to connect the relationships that Abi built during her stay with the support of a project we know she would love.

This year's project:

This year, through the support of Partnering with Abi, the Gulu Dairy will launch a new project which targets vulnerable young mothers with no source of income to support their families.The dairy farm will train the women on hay making and bailing and the farm will purchase the hay bales from the group. This project will help equip the local women around the farm with the skills to turn the readily available grass into wealth to support their families. The project will work with over 50 local women that live around the dairy farm.The local women will be able to benefit by selling their hay directly to the farm.

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Find out more or support them directly:
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