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Welcome Hope to Denver as she completes over 2,000 miles on her cross country bike trip.


The bike tour was an effort to raise support for a Farm Tool Fabrication Center in Gulu Uganda, a vision Abi was working on before the accident. Other funds will go towards covering Abi's medical costs, such as a van for transportation, and other brain injury related needs.


This event will be held at Bocadillo, a restaurant owned by Abi's brother, Derek. Bocadillo is a farm to table tapas restaurant that has been newly re-opened in the Sunnyside Highlands area in Denver.


Many of Abi's friends from Kentucky and from AmeriCorps will be there, so expect an evening of live music, laughs, and delicious foods, and Hope will be more than happy to share her journey on bike from Virginia to Denver.


Instruments encouraged.

There will be food and drinks. $10 suggested donation.


Contact: 513-240-2219







Cross Country Bike Tour Fundraiser

Tuesday July 23rd

Bocadillo Bar & Restaurant

4044 Tejon Street

Raising Support for Abi's Vision in Uganda & for Medical Costs

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