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Who are they?

We are a diverse community of makers, doers, educators, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and lifelong learners. 

A core group of Makers have organized the Berea Makerspace- a community workshop space where skills and knowledge can be shared. Their goals are to foster a supportive community of teachers and learners, create a welcoming space for everyone, and make useful equipment available in order to increase opportunity and knowledge for people who are making things in Berea. Partnering with Abi provided support in developing that space and ensuring that all have access to this important resource.

This year's project:

We greatly appreciate the help given so far. The wall was essential for getting our wood shop set up, and partnering with Abi's contributions this summer during the fundraiser helped finish up much needed additions to the space. We can only hope this coming year brings more opportunities to provide a community based space for folk interested in making.

- Jess Estridge, Berea Makerspace

Find out more or support them directly:
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